Translation: Knowledge


The Invisible Sephirah, The Hidden or Unrevealed Cosmic Mind, The Mystical Sephirah, The Upper Room, Sphere of the Greater Masters

Spiritual experience(s)

Vision across the Abyss



Yetziratic text

No text for the hidden Sephirah.


Da'ath shows two faces to us. On the one hand, it is the non-Sephirah representing a higher dimension of being. Ken Wilber's "holons" are connected to their component elements through this Sephirah, so that (for example) the laws of chemical phenomena are influenced by subatomic properties through Da'ath. In other words, Da'ath is where "emergent" phenomena are connected to the world from which they emerge. This is also the principle of all "boundary" conditions, the twilight place that is neither just "this" nor "that", and can therefore be seen to be the mirror reflection of the supernal Binah. Meditate on the astrophysical phenomena of black hole stars to arrive at more insights.

On the other hand, Da'ath is also where we build up the experiences of incarnation that bridge the gap between the world of Spirit and the unmanifest and the world of Matter or manifest reality. It is through direct "knowledge" that we are able to enter that twilight state between identity with the Cosmos and individuality within the Cosmos.

In Halevi's "Jacob's Ladder" model, the lower "face" of the Tree associated with a higher world overlays the upper face of the lower Tree, and it is Yesod of that higher Tree which expresses through the non-Sephirah. Much may be seen in this relationship.

In the human being, Da'ath is where the body-mind connection is found. It is also where the electrical fields of the body communicate with the chemical systems (such as in the nervous system or in the electromagnetic aura), and it is where the older endocrine system communicates with the nervous system in the pituitary gland. Repression of psychic contents gives rise to physical ailments, so a healing session that addresses Da'ath may help these contents to rise into awareness. This is, of course, always a risky tactic, as those contents may be explosive in their power.