Translation: Understanding


Ama - the dark sterile Mother, Aima - the bright fertile Mother, Khorsia - the Throne, Marah - the Great Sea

Spiritual experience(s)

Vision of Sorrow



Yetziratic text

The Third Path is name The Sanctified Consciousness. (Sekhel MeKudash) This is the foundation of the original wisdom, and is called "Faithful Faith." Its roots are AMeN. It is the father of faith, and from its power faith emerges.


As the third of the "supernal" Sephiroth, Binah is the principle of relationship and limitation. Once Chokmah has come into being, the relationship between it and Kether is found within Binah. Likewise, Binah provides the root of definition of shape and form, and its symbol, the geometric plane, possesses two dimensions and may contain an infinity of shapes.

Within a human being, Binah is revealed in the overall structure of the body, and particularly within the bones and other structural members that give a basic shape. It is also found in the psychic principle which gives rise to the ego (i.e. "I am this, not that"), and indeed may be said to lie behind the "repression" phenomenon that Ken Wilber describes. This phenomenon results in the perception of the "bodymind" as distinct from its environment, the "mind" as distinct from the body, the "ego" as distinct from the shadow, and so forth.