About the Academy

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The Sophic Arts Academy of Hermetic Theurgy was established in order to provide teaching in the Hermetic tradition in a non-group, "studio" environment. Traditionally, such instruction is given within the framework of group practice such as a Lodge, coven, or other formal structure. While there is great value in such group practice, the Academy provides an alternative for those who cannot commit to a group but who wish to gain the benefits of study in this tradition.

The Academy provides a solid grounding in Hermetic practices and teachings, enabling its students to integrate the wisdom of this ancient tradition within their modern lives. As with all spiritual practices, the benefits are proportionate to the effort put into them, and can include greater mental and physical well-being as well as a sense of purpose in one's life.

About David

David has been studying the Hermetic arts in the Golden Dawn tradition since 1980. He got his start from Dion Fortune's "The Mystical Qabalah", which he read cover-to-cover over a period of several months. From there he was able to attend a workshop given by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, one of the world's few true adepts, and later studied briefly with the Servants of the Light school. Subsequently, his studies led him to move to Colorado, where he and his partner of that time led a group of like-minded seekers in the exploration of the Mysteries. During that time, he served as officer in several Lodges of the Hermetic tradition, and explored more complex applications of the Great Work.

Today, David is a working member of an Hermetic Order based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and continues to pursue his studies with them. He is the founder and chief instructor at the Academy, and warmly welcomes new students.