This section lists reference materials pertaining to alchemy.


Building the athanor: Sacred Space

The term "athanor" refers to the furnace used by an alchemist to purify the First Matter and transform it through heat into the Stone of the Wise. Here we use this term to describe the methods by which the theurgist establishes sacred space and extends the aura, preparatory to further work.

Lighting the fire: the Body of Light

Having established the athanor of the Art, the theurgist must now apply "heat" in order to begin transforming the First Matter. These techniques, from the basic Circulation of the Light to the more advanced Godform work, are used to create an excited state in the subtle bodies of the magician, liberating energy and making it available for personal development.

Opening up the Sulfur: Expanding Awareness

Having become skilled in the separation of a portion of awareness, the theurgist must seek to expand that awareness, opening it up to subtle influences from the deepest Self that lies at the core of Being. The techniques listed here expand awareness in a variety of ways.

Separating the Sulfur: Leaving the Body

In the Western tradition, a primary goal of many schools is to establish a continuity in awareness at all levels of the human psyche, in order to train the intuition and make the theurgist fully aware of her purpose for being. In the Golden Dawn school, one of the ways this is done is to separate a portion of the subtle body/bodies, energize that portion, and re-absorb it. This is meant to plant a seed deep within the self that will, in time, create deep and lasting change in the psyche and increase the theurgist's level of awareness until, eventually, a connection is established between all functioning parts.