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The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises

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TitleThe Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises
Publication TypeBook
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsChang, Dr. Stephen T.
PublisherTao Publishing
ISBN Number9780942196061
AbstractI've had this wonderful book for over 10 years, but only really began to apply the Internal Exercises after a trip to China. I saw a Qi Gong demonstration there and was very impressed, especially by the fact that the Qi Gong master looked all of 25 years old (I'm sure he was in his 40's at least). I began to practice Dr Chang's set of exercises faithfully on returning from the trip and have experienced increased energy, suppleness, better sleep, and clarity of mind. I was able to abandon my use of prescription antihistamines for allergies and now have no symptoms whatever. My nightly headaches, which were requiring nightly Tylenol, have also resolved. My endurance in sports, particularly alpine skiing, has increased without requiring increased preparatory workouts; and if I am diligent at doing the exercises after a workout, I experience no stiffness or soreness (something I'm starting to appreciate as an aging Baby Boomer!). Dr Chang is clearly familiar with both Asian and Western medicine, science and culture. Although his book is very clearly written, practical and accessible, the depth of knowledge concealed in its deceptively simple language is profound. The exercises themselves are for the most part quite easy to perform (some of them do require much effort and perseverance to master, but are not physically taxing). What is quite reinforcing about them is that they produce an almost immediate sensation of energy flow in the body. They feel GOOD to perform. They struck me as being almost like a cross between yoga and tai chi, but they are certainly neither (as Dr Chang points out) and they are much less complex. Dr Chang's other books are excellent as well!